Testing systems in not native language

Just imagine how frustrating is to click on the button Delete when you think it means Continue and all important data is gone? Or when you want to cancel your action and actually it is confirmed? It happened for me several times when I was totally unfamiliar with not native language (Swedish). As testing techniques and other stuff are actually the same, but to test when you are trying to read simple text and do not understand anything at all, gives really a tough challenge. Continue reading


Some moments from Hackathon event in Vilnius

20140628_103110 At the beginning of 2014 summer I attended Hackathon event in Vilnius and wanted to share some moments. Actually, whole summer went so quick with so many great activities that did not realize how much I missed in blogging world. But know I am back on track and ready to write again. Continue reading

Thoughts about “Scrum Master” trainings

This time I would like toScrum write about SCRUM Master Trainings that I had a chance to attend couple weeks ago in Sweden, Stockholm. I can honestly say that it was one of the best trainings I have ever had so far and the coach Hans was really brilliant. Actually, before the trainings I did not have any expectations, but after 2 training days I was really happy that I participated and came back to my country with bigger knowledge about Scrum and different roles.

First time when I heard about SCRUM was 4 years ago, but actually at that time I did not work with it at all. Last year when I changed my job, finally I got an opportunity to work in projects with small teams where SCRUM is mostly used. All the theory that I heard before was really helpful, but not the same as practicing it in real. After one year practicing SCRUM in the projects I had some mixed feelings about that. Continue reading

Journey through leadership program

I am1 a huge enthusiast of leadership topic and 8 months ago I got a chance to participate in leadership program organized by a company that I am working right now. It was not related to testing at all, but I thought it is going to be interesting to go out of box and improve my own leadership skills. So, I want to share a little bit what have happened during this time.

Continue reading

A kid who guessed my swipe lock password

MI want to share one funny story that happened to me 🙂

But lets start from the beginning. Ok, I believe that everyone who cares about their data in mobile phones or other devices at least are using some kind of security: encrypting device, SIM card lock, screen locks with pin, swipe, face recognition and so on..

I am not an exception.  While ago I thought “What if I will lose my mobile phone one day? What about my data, SMS, apps, accessibility to emails, social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter?”

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